Keiko Ecuador is the Ecuadorian chapter of Keiko Conservation, an international volunteer-run organization trying to find ways for anyone to get involved in marine conservation efforts from anywhere in the world. Through viral campaigns, events, local legislation, and educational outreach, we use strength in numbers to aid the marine world we all need to survive.




Maria is a biologist and diver deeply interested in marine conservation. She has volunteered for several NGO's and non-profits, and also has founded her own stray animal rescue group. She has additionally volunteered for the Fisheries Management Department at Parque Nacional Galápagos in Sea Cucumber Population Monitoring Program and Green Sea Turtle Nesting Monitoring Program. One of her main goals is to spread the message that everyone that wants to do something about our planet's health can and should get involved through simple every day actions.


Dana is a Contemporary Dancer and a Wildlife and Conservation Photographer. She has been dancing since she was 4 years old and has always been passionate about the ocean, but it wasn't until she began scuba diving and free diving that she discovered her interest in marine photography and ocean conservation. She is now involved in marine conservation efforts in Hawaii and Ecuador, and trying to create awareness for marine issues through her imagery worldwide. Her current goal is to combine art and conservation by showing people that regardless of what career path you choose, you can find a way to use it to inspire others to care about the ocean. She hopes to show her dance students that they can use their artistic abilities as powerful tools to speak up about the important issues that should concern us all.

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