Updated: Apr 18, 2019


Un poco de lo que fue la #limpiezadeplaya en Los Ciriales, Parque Nacional #Machalilla junto a @mingasporelmar! Queremos agradecer inmensamente a todos los que nos ayudaron a que esta primera minga en esta zona fuera posible. . Pudimos recolectar:

Peso total 223kg

2kg plastico PET 9 kg vidrio 11kg cabo + 1 balde lleno de cabos

Esta linda actividad fue gracias a la iniciativa del guía del Parque Nacional Javier, quien junto a su padre llevan décadas protegiendo esta hermosa zona costera, promoviendo el turismo de manera sustentable para generar conciencia sobre la importancia de nuestras áreas protegidas. Agradecemos muchísimo a todos nuestros auspiciantes Grupo Quirola Oce Beachwear @pasol_naturalsunscreen @blombosec @cultura_acai @onaoceanproject.

Some photos from Keiko Ecuador's first reef cleanup in Los Ciriales, National Park Machalilla with our partners Mingas Por El Mar! We want to thank all who helped us immensely to make this first clean up in this area possible!

We were able to collect:

Total weight 223kg

2kg PET plastic

9 kg glass

11kg out

+ 1 bucket full of nets and ropes

This was all thanks to the initiative of Javier, National Park guide, who along with his father have been protecting this beautiful coastal area for decades, promoting tourism in a sustainable way to raise awareness about the importance of our protected areas.

We greatly appreciate all of our sponsors:

Quirola Group

Oce Beachwear

Pasol Natural Sunscreen

Blombos EC

Cultura Acai

Ona Ocean Project

This week our team had the incredible opportunity to talk about marine pollution and the protected species of Ecuador with the 1st graders of Colegio Menor! ⠀ We loved this beautiful experience that made it possible for our message of caring for the planet to reach the little ones.⠀ We greatly appreciate the invitation of the Colegio Menor and we hope to continue spreading the importance of these issues in the future.

KEIKO Ecuador


Yesterday at Ayangue beach, part of El Pelado Marine Reserve, there was a shark landing from one of the local fishing boats. While presumably the catch was made in La Puntilla, Salinas some miles away, the fishing boat landed its cargo in Ayangue beach.

Ayangue is one of the most important diving spots in the country, and a lot of tourists, divers and even locals were concerned and raised questions about the protection of the Marine Reserve against illegal fishing activities.

Pictures were taken and the Pacifico Libre collective made it public in social media asking the authorities to take action. Almost inmediately the Ministry of Aquaculture and Fisheries decomissioned the catch stating there was indeed a violation of the law.

We thank everyone involved in pursuit of the protection of El Pelado Marine Reserve.