Updated: Jul 23, 2018

Image: @_regina_a_trensen

Today over 140 pilot whales were reportedly slaughtered in Sydrugøta on the island of Eysturoy. It is the first slaughter of 2018 and- with last year's events fresh in our minds- it is difficult to image what is to come. In 2017, over 1,200 cetaceans were killed and mutilated for this annual "grindadrap" festival, a traditional event that has been held by the Faroese for hundreds of years.

Whalers and supporters claim this practice is a tradition and part of the Faroese culture. The tradition is undoubtedly a long running one, but we know a lot more about the ocean than we used to. We know that killing entire pods of pilot whales and dolphins is genetically disastrous to their populations and harmful to not just the ocean, but the Faroese's as well. Due to immense ocean pollution, whale meat is highly contaminated with mercury as it biomagnifies through the food chain. As a traditional food source, the pilot whale meat is slowly poisoning the Faroese population, who unknowingly continue to give it to even their children.


Tourism makes up the second largest source of income for the Faroe Islands. Join us and tell their Ministry of Finance #WeWontGoToFaroe until the grindadrap practices end. You can e-mail their office at fmr@fmr.fo.

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