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Two orcas have been captured in Russia - fishermen are using firearms to prevent Sakhalin group "Ocean Friends" to collect the evidence.

For the first time in Russia, public monitoring over the capture of killer whales is being conducted. The “Ocean Friends” group arrived to the capture location and set up a camp near the fishermen base in the Nicholay Bay, Khabarovsk region. A group of volunteers performs public monitoring of the capture of killer whales, for claimed "educational purposes," but in fact for sale to overseas aquariums (15 killer whales and about 200 belugas have been sold to China over the past 5 years). The attempt to film fishermen boats with a drone almost ended with the loss of it when they opened fire to prevent filming.

After lunch, the ship "Yuri Shvetsov" came to the Nicholay Bay - two captured orcas were kept in the containers on board. Four containers for transportation of animals are installed on the ship. The captain of the ship refused to let “Ocean Friends” team on board and check on condition of the orcas.

When “Yuri Shvetsov" ship started to go south at a fast pace “Ocean Friends” followed them and tried to take a footage with a video camera mounted on a pole, but fishermen had nozzles ready to prevent it. Also, the group received an oral threat that firearms will be used if they try to fly drones again.

At the end of the day “Ocean Friends” monitored and photo identified a pod of transient orcas that swam peacefully in Nicholay Bay and did not suspect a possible threat to their offspring. The family included seven individuals - they were hunting seals.

All updates on this expedition will be published under hashtag #orcacapture2018 on social media platforms by Save Dolphins and Ocean Friends. Please follow along as your voice may be needed soon!

Information: Save Dolphins

Image: Ocean Friends


Updated: Jul 5, 2018

In Russia there's a proposed quota to capture 13 orcas and 200 belugas in 2019! On top of these animals being doomed to a life in captivity, the actual captures are brutal. Without much expierence, fishermen end up killing many animals in the process. Also, without enough information on population numbers in the area, it's worrying that removing so many could be very harmful towards the remaining population's overall survival. Our friend is asking people to speak out worldwide before the quotas are discussed on May 3rd (only days away).


Sign the petition! It's in Russian but you can pop it into Google Translate if you'd like to read it in another language.


E-mail the authorities and ask them to deny the quotas and captures:


Dolphin Project Russia is asking for people to take a photo with one of the images they've provided below!

You can even snap a selfie while holding up the image on your tablet or laptop! Quick and easy!

Then upload to social media with these hashtags: #StopOrcaCaptures #StopBelugaCapture #ЯпротивОтлова #ЯпротивОтловаБелух #ЯпротивОтловаКосаток and where you're from in the world!

They'll make sure the authorities see the support from around the world to deny this proposal!


Updated: Jul 5, 2018

Огромная благодарность всем, кто подписал петицию и распространяет информацию о важной роли акул. Суши вок больше не продают блюда из акулы.

A huge thank you to everyone who signed the Keiko Conservation Russia petition to take shark sushi rolls off the menu of a chain restaurant with over 500 locations in Russia! Success! They are no longer being served! Help us keep the pressure on and eliminate the blue shark meat from large supermarket chains in Russia as well!

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