Last year animal activists got closer than ever before to banning the aquarium trade in Hawaii, getting a bill through all committees and to the governor's desk only to have him veto it. Thankfully, in September the Supreme Court overruled the decision and put an immediate ban in place until the practice could be properly environmentally assessed to determine its impacts on Hawaii's reefs. They also heavily criticized the Department Of Land And Natural Resources (DLNR) for letting it get so out of control in the first place AND lobbying against any potential bills in recent years to make the trade more regulated.
Now, members of the aquarium trade industry have proposed two environmental assessments to DLNR, in hopes of getting them approved and re-opening this trade. Both proposals wrongly insist there is no impact on the reef and therefore there should be no limits on the amount of permits given out, species of fish, or amount allowed to be taken.
We have until May 5th to help our friends at @forthefishes convince DLNR to deny these proposals and YOU CAN HELP. Click here to leave a public comment for DLNR before the hearing. You don't have to live in Hawaii to do so! Speak up for those without a voice! Mahalo!