Japan Dolphins Day

Join us and help spread the facts about cetacean captivity and Japanese drive fisheries to visitors of Japanese dolphinariums. This Friday in Taiji, the drive fishery season will begin again. Pods of dolphins will be herded into a cove by fishermen in what are called banger boats. The prettiest will be picked out and sold to dolphinariums. The rest will be slaughtered for "pest control." Two new species have been added to the intended quota this year, rough toothed dolphin and melon headed whales. They aiming for 1,940 cetaceans made up of nine different species. You can see the quota per individual species as well as updates throughout the season at CetaBase.

Many of the Japanese people have no idea this is going on, nor of the physical and psychological impacts that captive cetaceans go through. Please help spread the word.

We're hijacking as many dolphinariums' hashtags as we can fit into a caption (20) this week. We encourage you to create art, graphics, images, etc. with any of the Japanese phrases below (or others of your choosing). Make sure to tag (copy and paste in the caption)

#横浜八景島シーパラダイス (Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise) #志布志湾大黒イルカランド (Shibushiwan Daikoku Dolphin Land) #イルカショー (Dolphin Show) #じゃのひれドルフィンファーム (Janohire Dolphin Farm) #くじらの博物館 (Taiji Whale Museum) #マリンワールド海の中道 (Marine World Uminonakamichi) #鴨川シーワールド (Kamogawa SeaWorld) #海遊館 (Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan) #沖縄美ら海水族館 (Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium) #IMATA #AMMPA #下田海中水族館 (Shimoda Aquarium) #のとじま水族館 (Notojima Aquarium) #マリンワールド海の中道 (Marine World Uminonakamichi) #浅虫水族館 (Asamushi Aquarium) #名古屋港水族館 (Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium) #新江ノ島水族館 (Enoshima Aquarium) #桂浜水族館 (Katsurahama Aquarium) #南知多ビーチランド (Minami-Chita Beach Land) #みさき公園事務所 (Misaki Park) #マリンピア日本海 (Niigata City Aquarium) #登別マリンパークニクス (Noboribetsu Marine Park Nixe) #おたる水族館 (Otaru Aquarium) #しながわ水族館 (Shinagawa Aquarium) #しながわ水族館 (Sea Life Park) #日本ドルフィンセンター (Japanese Dolphin Center) #うみたま体験パーク つくみイルカ島 (Tsukumi Irukajima) #城崎マリンワールド (Kinosaki Marine World) #沖縄美ら海水族館 (Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium) #新江ノ島水族館 (Enoshima Aquiarium)



Most dolphins you see in dolphin shows were captured in Taiji





For every dolphin in captivity, 17 are killed in Taiji




Taken from their family to entertain your's




Dolphin meat is toxic with mercury




Captured dolphins take 1-3 months to submit to eating dead fish and accepting human touch.




If you've ever thought dolphins are cute, try to think about where they came from. They were taken from the ocean.




Don't you feel that it's wrong to trap dolphins and whales inside a tiny pool for entertainment?




Consuming whales and dolphin meat with high mercury can cause brain damage and neurological disorders



If you think dolphins look "happy" in their tanks, go see dolphins in the wild where they are free. 




There is no justification for whaling and dolphin hunting.




Whaling and dolphin hunting is bringing shame to Japan