What's Your Bycatch: Loggerhead Turtles

bycatch loggerhead turtle whats your bycatch marina


Loggerhead turtles have been impacted by many fisheries all over the world. Their vulnerability to many types of fishing methods including longlines, gillnets, trawls, traps and pots, and dredges have been the main cause of the species' dropping population numbers and endangered status. There are some fishing modifications that have helped lessen the numbers of sea turtles caught, or at the very least the mortality rate, but only a few have slightly improved certain fisheries. Most notably is probably the use of circle hooks instead of the traditional j-hooks. Today we challenge you to talk about the issue over dinner with your friends or family and question #WhatsYourBycatch. Photo by @marina_oceanlove. #keikoconservation #oneoceandiving #mermaidsforchange #littleoceantours.