What's Your Bycatch: Vaquita

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Let's make bycatch a household topic of discussion, preferably one had at the dinner table.
What is bycatch? Bycatch is all the marine animals accidentally caught alongside the intended catch. When fishermen put out miles and miles of long lines to catch tuna or lay out their nets to catch totoaba they don't just catch the animal they were after. An insane number of others become caught as well, most of these unwanted. So when purchasing different types of seafood you may be completely unaware of the animals that died in the process.
We've teamed up with @mermaidsforchange and @oneoceandiving to hopefully bring more awareness to this issue virally, and expose some of the unseen impacts that certain seafood dishes cause. #WhatsYourBycatch#SaveTheVaquita #keikoconservation#mermaidsforchange #oneoceandiving.