Our ultimate goal with Hawaii's captive dolphin facilities is to eliminate breeding so that the animals they have will be the LAST and to make sure their current animals are retired properly. With over 150+ cetacean deaths at Hawaii's current facilities over the years, there are only a few left who were born in the wild, all of whom are non-native to Hawaiian waters and the majority suffer from health issues that may make them unlikely candidates for a rehabilitation and release scenario. Thankfully, organizations like the Whale Sanctuary Project are paving a way for cetaceans to be retired


  • Testified against the transfer of Dolphin Quest's dolphins to another one of their facilities for breeding purposes.

  • Aided Lila Jones in making the incoming Atlantis Resort at Ko'olina cease all plans to put captive dolphins in their hotel.

  • Protested to retire Kina the false killer whale at the Shut Down Palace Entertainment protest outside Sea Life Park, co-hosted by our partners at Animal Rights Hawaii.

  • Hosted two back to back protests at Kahala Resort and Sea Life Park for the 5th annual Worldwide Empty The Tanks event.

  • Compiled a digitalized archive of decades worth of images, footage, articles, and documents on Dolphin Quest and Sea Life Park with our partners Animal Rights Hawaii.
  • Created educational materials and handouts to frequently distribute to both the local community and island visitors with the intention of bringing more awareness to the issues cetaceans face in captivity in Hawaii and abroad.

  • Wrote a resolution (HR136) to ban the further captive breeding of cetaceans in Hawaii and begin a phase out of captivity. We campaigned to have the public write in testimony in support of the resolution passing and got over 900 submitted in support from individuals and organizations around the world in the limited 48 hours given prior to the hearing.

  • Testified alongside Empty The Tanks Hawaii, Animal Rights Hawaii, and Dr. Naomi Rose in support of passing HR 136.

  • Staged a worldwide viral protest for Kina to bring awareness to her situation on the second anniversary of her move to Sea Life Park.

  • ​​Supported and testified for a bill that would have potentially banned the further breeding and transfer of captive cetaceans in the state of Hawaii.

  • Hosted the Hawaii locations of the 2018 annual Empty The Tanks Worldwide event.

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