Help sharks and rays gain stronger protection by supporting these two bills which will ban the purposeful fishing of these animals in Hawaii's state waters. These bills are companion bills are both aiming to achieve the same thing. There is one bill in the House and one in Senate. If one bill fails a hearing, we will still have the backup and a second chance this legislative season!


We're sad to announce that House Bill 808 was amended during its recent hearing to exclude sharks completely, leaving just rays. This was due to the relentless opposition from multiple biologists at Hawaii Institute Of Marine Biology (HIMB) and Shark Tagger Hawaii, who were unwilling to fill out a permit that would exempt their research. It isn't the first time some of these individuals have tried to block bills that would further protect sharks in Hawaii. In 2010, Kim Holland of HIMB also opposed the bill that would prohibit the possession of shark fins before it was, thankfully, signed into law anyway.


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