KEIKO, WATERINSPIRED, and ONEOCEANDIVING Awareness Campaign! Peru has been covering up their marine genocide of dolphins and sharks for years. Since dolphins are cheap bait and their meat isn't usually wanted for food, fishermen have been harpooning them, skinning them, and cutting them into tiny pieces for bait to catch and kills thousands of sharks for their meat and exportation of their fins to Asia. On top of it being a HUGE waste and disrespect of life, these practices are both ILLEGAL UNDER PERUVIAN LAW.

Why haven't you heard about this?

Because after risking his life to go undercover for three weeks out at sea, conservationist and president of Mundo Azul, Stefan Austermuhle, brought the horrifying and exposing evidence he captured to the government who simply swept it under the rug, leaving him exposed to death threats from angry fishermen all still practicing this slaughter.


Let's make EVERYONE know this is going on and shame Peru into enforcing their laws under the international spotlight. Use social media's way of connecting you to anyone and everyone for good and shout to rest of the world by posting a photo of yourself holding up a sign that says "STOP PERU KILLING DOLPHINS TO KILL SHARKS" and the link to our friends at BlueVoice.org so your followers can go read up on the slaughter. #PERUSMARINEGENOCIDE #KillingDOLPHINSToKillSHARKS #GooglePeruSlaughter.

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