Belugas Disappeared From Traveling Dolphinarium In Russia

Updated: Jul 5, 2018

DEC 8, 2016:

While viewing the video recently released by our partners @dolphin_project_rus a very concerning realization was made. The two belugas in the video are not the two belugas named Storm and Calm that this traveling dolphinarium usually has. Storm and Calm seem to have DISAPPEARED. They could have been sold or they could have died. Nobody will give us an answer. The last time something like this happened at another dolphinarium the animals were found abandoned in a tub at a dairy farm in CRITICAL condition. You can read the whole story at Please help us spread the news and demand an answer to where Storm and Calm have ended up. They may be running out of time. And make sure to sign the Russian petition for the closure of this traveling dolphinarium in @keiko_conservation_russia's bio!#WhatHappenedToStormAndCalm?

JAN. 2, 2016

We have some good news and bad news. We wanted to wait until after the holidays to share but we now know #WhatHappenedTOStormAndCalm. Storm and Calm used to be the stars of a traveling dolphinarium in Russia before vanishing and being replaced with two new ones a few months ago. The dolphinarium has confirmed our fear that they have died but won't get into specifics. They were only 9 years old. Their deaths being either at the same time or close to it gives us worry it was some sort of accident while transferring them or with the water quality. We are heartbroken and hope the two new belugas will have a chance at a life far from their's. The good news/silver lining of this though is that the Russian petition we asked all of you to sign a little while back to close this traveling dolphinarium has gotten MASSIVE support with over 160,000 signatures and counting. This prompted an investigation of the facility and their shows to be postponed over a month while they tried to fix the water quality. We are hearing from our friends Dolphin Project Russia that there is a real potential this dolphinarium may be closed! So if you signed that petition THANK YOU so much for speaking up for these animals! You can learn more and get frequent updates at @keiko_conservation_russia.

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