Do The Rainforests A Flavor

Did you know that many of the huge corporations making the majority of our prepackaged food and beauty products are purposefully burning down the rainforest to make room for their palm oil plantations? Palm oil is so cheap and versatile it can be used in hundreds of ways, meaning these companies will do whatever it takes to get their hands on it including: killing, posioning, and orphaning endagered species, involvement in child labor and modern day slavery, and contributing signicantlly to carbon pollution by burning carbon-rich peatlands for these plantations. LAY'S is one of these companies! And for the next few weeks Lay's will be holding their annual #DoUsAFlavor competiton, asking customers to create their own flavor for them to choose from with the prize of a million dollars.

We thought this may be a good time to spread some palm oil awareness to get this issue closer and closer to becoming a household topic of conservation all while sending a message to Lay's. Want to help? Go to and submit a flavor like "Palm Oil Free," "Deforestation Free," "Sumatran Elephant Friendly." It only takes about a minute! Want to do more? Share this post and info and encourage others to do the same! And cut palm oil out of your grocery list! #Lays #DoUsAFlavor and #cutconflictpalmoil! #RACINGEXTINCTION #palmoilfree! For more info about palm oil go to (@rainforestactionnetwork)!


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