Updated: Dec 12, 2018



Captive exotic animals STILL need your voice!

24 years ago, Tyke the elephant escaped a circus in Hawaii and was shot 86 times before dying in the streets of Honolulu. Despite animal rights groups trying hard to end this practice, it's 24 years later and the use of exotic animals for exhibition and shows is STILL legal! We know we've asked you before for past hearings but please speak up for Tyke again and tell Hawaii's Department Of Agriculture (HDOA) that you support a ban on the importation of exotic animals for exhibition in Hawaii. There has been a growing effort to make this happen and we need your voice! EK Fernandez, a local carnival, continues to push for the continuation of using wild animals and has been heavily opposing the ban.

Please speak up for Tyke and send an e-mail to HDOA.BOARD.TESTIMONY@HAWAII.GOV with the subject line: “Testimony: In Support of Animal Import Rules."

If you'd like to attend the meeting in person or testify in person, it'll be at the Department of Agriculture conference room tomorrow (Tuesday Sept. 25th) at 1849 Auiki Street at 9 a.m.! Hope to see you there!

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