Dolphin From Hawaii's Dolphin Quest Dies In The Desert At Dolphinaris Arizona

Kai'nalu at Dolphin Quest before being sent via FedEx to Dolphinaris Arizona

Two years ago, Dolphin Quest made headlines for FedEx-ing three of their captive dolphins to a new facility opening in the Arizona desert, a facility that has now had four dolphins die in their care in the mere two years since opening.

Dolphin Quest shipping dolphins to Arizona. Photo: Animal Rights Hawaii/Hawaii News Now

Yesterday, one of the dolphins from their Big Island facility named Kai'nalu passed away at Dolphinaris Arizona. This news follows the recent deaths of three other dolphins Bodie (age 7), Alia (age 10), and Khloe (age 10), who came from other facilities around the USA, including SeaWorld and Six Flags Magic Kingdom.

A protest hosted by DolphinFreeAZ and Ric 'O Barry's Dolphin Project is set for tomorrow. It was scheduled prior to the news of Kai'nalu's death. Event info can be found here.

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