Dolphin Quest Abandoned Dolphins In Hurricane

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

Image: BBC

In 1999, Dolphin Quest's Bermuda facility abandoned 4 of their captive dolphins during Hurricane Gert, including a mother and newborn calf. Winds clocked at 110mph destroyed the facility's seaside enclosure and the animals were reportedly "severely battered by debris" until the tide rose and they could escape to the open sea. Horrified onlookers watching the animals also said "they cried out as they were pummeled by debris" and "one of them is cut badly." Despite there being plenty of warning for the approaching hurricane, Dolphin Quest didn't evacuate these four dolphins, claiming the calf was too young to move. USA Today reported the captive dolphin facility said they tried to protect the dolphins by removing some of the fencing around the compound, but it appears not much else was done for their protection. After the hurricane passed, Dolphin Quest eventually located and re-captured the mom and calf, but the other two males were never found. The facility went on to build a new facility after being reviewed by local Government who "blamed inadequate local regulations and lack of foresight and proper planning on the part of Dolphin Quest for the incident."


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