Dolphin Quest's Captive Dolphins Attack Newest Calf

It's extremely distressing to see this sort of behavior happening in a captive environment but even more distressing to hear that it happens often at Hilton Waikoloa Village's Dolphin Quest facility without any employee interference.

About a year and a half ago we joined Animal Rights Hawaii, Empty The Tanks Hawaii, and the Humane Society at a Department Of Agriculture hearing in opposition to Dolphin Quest's request to swap a few dolphins between their facilities on the Big Island (seen above) and Oahu's at Kahala Resort. They wanted this transfer to expand their breeding pool and fill their crowded "dolphin lagoons" with even more animals. We lost by one vote, BUT were encouraged that this department nearly always votes unanimously and was only supposed to judge the situation on whether or not the transfer would affect the local agriculture, which of course these dolphins wouldn't in captivity. To get nearly half to still vote in opposition was apparently good news but not good enough. This calf is the direct result of that hearing. Another reminder that it is so important to use your voice to speak up for those without one at every opportunity. A moment from you could mean a lifetime for them.

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