Hammerhead Pups Found Dumped On Oahu


About 100 hammerhead pups were found piled near Sand Island on Oahu this morning. There is speculation that they were purposefully dumped but for what reason we still don’t know. The saddest thing about this incident is that nothing will be able to be done when we find out who did this. It's perfectly legal. Mainly in part because Hawaii Representative Scott Nishimoto killed the bill that would have made shark fishing illegal in the state of Hawaii. The survival rate of juvenile sharks can play the largest role in that animal's overall population rate. Please make sure Rep. Nishimoto is aware of this by e-mailing him at repnishimoto@capitol.hawaii.gov. If you have any info about this incident, please DM or email us.

There is a theory that the animals were dumped by a commercial fishing boat due to the conditions. The animals show signs of possibly having been previously frozen and cut out of their mother due to their coloration, strange stiff positions, and umbilical scars. More information via our friend Paul Friese of Bali Sharks.

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