Hawaii's Shark And Ray Protection Bill Was Re-Introduced For The 2019 Legislative Season

We're determined to get this bill passed into law this legislative season! Help us better protect the sharks and rays who inhabit the waters around Hawaii!

The shark and ray protection bill was re-introduced this legislative season after dying a few hearings in last year. The first hearing for this bill is on Wednesday at 1:15PM HST. Please take a moment to voice your support by clicking here!

This bill will protect sharks and rays from purposeful killing and fishing in state waters. Over the last few years there have been incidents of sharks strung up and hung from stop signs, roped by the tail attached to a stake in the sand to suffocate at low tide, and baby hammerhead sharks dumped in bushes. It's sad to know that even if those individuals were caught, their actions would still be legal. Let's end that!

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