Help Remove Shark Meat From A Supermarket Chain With Over 10k Locations In Russia

A supermarket chain in Russia called MAGNIT has over 10,000 stores and sells shark meat. We tested some of the meat and found it to have three times the level of methyl-mercury recommended to consume. Read our petition below and click the image to encourage MAGNIT to remove it from their shelves.


To the General Director of the MAGNIT supermarket network Galitsky SN and its employees.

We kindly ask you to remove shark meat from all Magnit grocery stores to benefit both your customers and our ocean's vital ecosystems.

According to laboratory test results, a large amount of methyl-mercury was detected in shark steak purchased from Magnit supermarket, exceeding the permissible GOST norm by 3 times (the documents are attached).

Even in small doses, methyl-mercury can create serious health problems such as: -headaches -tremors -cognitive dysfunction -serious birth defects -damage to the central nervous system -memory problems -depression -kidney damage -cancer -brain damage -infertility in men

Children can be harmed in even greater ways from dangerous doses of methyl-mercury, even sometimes resulting in a fatal outcome.

By consuming shark meat we not only harm ourselves, but to the environment as well.

For 450 million years, sharks have kept the oceans healthy and in balance, keeping populations of fellow marine life in check by feeding on the sick, dead, or dying individuals and acting as the “white blood cells” of the ocean. They’ve survived five mass extinctions and have even existed before trees, but unfortunately, we may be their downfall. Today, humans kill more than 2 sharks PER SECOND for things like shark fin soup, shark meat, and commercial and recreational fishing.

As a result, 90-95% of some species have been wiped out in just the past few decades and every second that goes by they become closer and closer to extinction. Sharks are a keystone species. They feed at the top of the oceans' fragile and intertwined food chains. When they are removed the entire thing collapses, all the way down to even the phytoplankton that provide 50% of the oxygen we all breathe, regardless of how far we live from the sea. We should be VERY concerned about the effect a shark-less ocean.

We simply cannot afford to use them as a food source.

You can help by removing shark products from your supermarkets.

Keiko Conservation Russia with the support of One Ocean Diving and Nakawe project.

Note: Our previous petition, made in early 2017, resulted in the largest sushi restaurant chain in Russia "Sushi Wok" removing shark meat items off their menu after finding them financially unprofitable.

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