Illegal Fishing Vessel In The Galapagos Appeals

Updated: Oct 7, 2018

Did you know sharks can provide million of dollars from eco-tourism revenue. In many places, this economical incentive can actually give sharks further protection from the government. So, in light of the 300 tons of illegally caught sharks found in the Galapagos Islands, it's definitely worth pointing out to the government the money lost by this vessel!

The Chinese fishing vessel that was found illegally crossing through the marine reserve that surrounds the Galápagos Islands a few months ago with over 6,000 sharks on board has decided to appeal their sentence this week. They're claiming the boat is simply a cargo vessel that was crossing through the reserve, but not fishing in it (still illegal). In reality, this vessel is believed to be what is known as the "mothership," the boat that stores the catch that their smaller fishing vessels report back to. The appeal is set for Nov. 16th. Tomorrow, the day the hearing, Keiko Ecuador, as a part of the coalition of NGOs that make up Pacifico Libre, will be holding an event. The goal of this event is to allow the biologists and lawyers working on the issue to have the opportunity to relay information to the public before the hearing takes place.

Help our Keiko Ecuador team and Pacifico Libre by sending a message to the government and spreading the word amongst the Ecuadorian public by signing the petition.

Video clips by Dana Bjarner, Frank Pol, and Natalie Parra.

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