Japan's New Propaganda Pro-Captivity Movie Is Coming Out Soon

We are sad to see that Taiji is now pushing a film that will promote the dolphinarium industry throughout Japan. Young and popular Japanese actors will star as dolphin trainers at Taiji's infamous #TaijiWhaleMuseum, glorifying careers as dolphin trainers and the aquarium. Most people in Japan have no idea about the brutal truth of how these animals are obtained. There is an incredible amount of love for animals throughout Japan that is being exploited by dolphinariums, but that same love could most certainly bring an end to them if the people were exposed to the reality behind these dolphin shows.⠀ Footage: Dolphin Project, Oceanic Preservation Society, One Ocean Diving And Research.

Actors In Bokujira: @masato_yano @rinatakeda615 @rei_okamoto @ruka_1010_team8

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