Japanese Dolphinarium 101: Japanese Dolphin Center

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

General Info: The Japanese Dolphin Center (日本ドルフィンセンター) was opened in 2003 as a research facility but in March 2004 they decided to close the facility as the location and environment of the Seto Island Sea wa snot ideal for housing live dolphins. The business was scooped up by the Japanese Dolphin Assisted Therapy Association and renamed "Dolphin Center." They transformed the facility into a place for dolphin interaction.


They have a "winter" pool and a summer sea pen, they move the animals between the two based on the season/weather. Info via CetaBase.


Taiji Affiliation? Yes. As of 2017, they have three bottlenose dolphins and one Pacific White Sided Dolphin, all from Taiji. In 2013 they had two Pacific White Sided Dolphins but no information has been given on what happened to the other and the dolphin has possibly deceased.

How To Help Spread The Word?

You can reach millions on social media! Don't let a language barrier stop you! You can copy and paste the following phrases to their guests on their social media accounts linked below.

  • 水族館でイルカショーを見る前に「ザ・コーヴ」を見てください (Please watch The Cove before buying a ticket to dolphinariums)

  • 動物は自然界で生きるべきです (Animals belong in the wild)

  • You can also comment with the link DOLPHINFRIENDS.JP! It links to The Cove in Japanese!

Tag them on Instagram! #つくみイルカ島 (copy and paste this hashtag into the captions of your anti-captivity posts)

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