Japanese Dolphinariums 101: Shibushiwan Daikoku Dolphin Land

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

General Info: Shibushiwan Daikoku Dolphin Land (志布志湾大黒イルカランド) was opened in 2011. It is located in Kushima, Japan.

Taiji Affiliation? Yes.

  • 6 bottlenose dolphins from Taiji in 2010 and 2013.

  • 2 Pacific White Sided Dolphins from Taiji in 2013.

  • 4 dolphins, 2 bottlenose & 2 Pacific white-sided, were transferred on April 14, 2016 from Taiji to Shibushiwan Daikoku Dolphin Land 志布志湾海の駅イルカラン in Japan. Dolphin Land reported that it was no trouble to purchase the dolphins since they were not a member of JAZA." Info via Cetabase.

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You can reach millions on social media! Don't let a language barrier stop you! You can copy and paste the following phrases to their guests on their social media accounts linked below. This facility lacks an Instagram account so we've linked their location tag on IG.

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水族館でイルカショーを見る前に「ザ・コーヴ」を見てください (Please watch The Cove before buying a ticket to dolphinariums)

動物は自然界で生きるべきです (Animals belong in the wild)

You can also comment with the link DOLPHINFRIENDS.JP! It links to The Cove in Japanese!

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