Kamoana's Death Marks 140 Dolphins That Have Died in Sea Life Park's Care

A bottlenose dolphin at Sea Life Park photographed by Kirsten Ramirez.



Another dolphin has died at Sea Life Park. He was the 140th dolphin to die in their care.

WAIMANALO, HAWAII, February 28th, 2019- A Pacific bottlenose dolphin named Kamoana has died at Sea Life Park. He was one of the facility's last surviving wild captured dolphins, having been captured in 1971.

His death is the 140th cetacean death at the park since its opening. An additional 50 bottlenose dolphins, 5 hybrid “wholphins,” 11 false killer whales, 3 melon-headed whales, 9 rough-toothed dolphins, 9 short-finned pilot whales, 13 pan-tropical spotted dolphins, 3 pygmy killer whales, and 36 spinner dolphins have died in the park’s care.

The park told local news that Kamoana, who was considered the “grandpa” of Sea Life Park for his old age, passed away of “natural causes,” but a necropsy will be done to officially confirm the cause of death.

Sea Life Park has reported worrisome causes of deaths to National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) over the years that include drowning, suffocation, “killed by another dolphin,” food poisoning, trauma, “jumped out of tank,” died at capture, and malnutrition. The park is under investigation by the local Labor Department and was fined $130k by the Hawaii Occupational Safety and Health Division after a tip from an anonymous engineer alleged park management covered up knowledge of the imminent collapse of three structures while keeping them open to the public.

We urge you to join us in asking Hawaii's tourism industry to stop supporting Sea Life Park by signing the petition here.



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