Keiko Ecuador: Sharks Illegally Caught In Salinas

Yesterday at Ayangue beach, part of El Pelado Marine Reserve, there was a shark landing from one of the local fishing boats. While presumably the catch was made in La Puntilla, Salinas some miles away, the fishing boat landed its cargo in Ayangue beach.

Ayangue is one of the most important diving spots in the country, and a lot of tourists, divers and even locals were concerned and raised questions about the protection of the Marine Reserve against illegal fishing activities.

Pictures were taken and the Pacifico Libre collective made it public in social media asking the authorities to take action. Almost inmediately the Ministry of Aquaculture and Fisheries decomissioned the catch stating there was indeed a violation of the law.

We thank everyone involved in pursuit of the protection of El Pelado Marine Reserve.

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