Legislator Kills Shark And Ray Bill For The Year

Updated: Jun 9, 2018

We’re sad to announce that despite zero members of the public testifying in opposition and hundreds of written testimony sent in support from all of you, the chair of House Judiciary has decided not to schedule the shark and ray protection bill’s next hearing, killing the bill for this legislative season. SB 2079 is a bill that would have protected Hawaii’s sharks and rays from recreational fishing. It is extremely disappointing that one person can decide to ignore public opinion and disregard a bill that could have potentially aided sharks while their numbers are rapidly declining, but it is unfortunately the way our legislative system works. If you'd like, you can still e-mail the chair at RepNishimoto@capitol.hawaii.gov (or if you're in the US call 1-808-586-8515) and tell his office how important this issue is, how much you care about it, and how you hope that the next time this type of bill is introduced he will act differently (if he's re-elected this fall).

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