More About Moskvarium's Taiji Dolphins

Updated: Jul 5, 2018

По результатам проведённых лабораторных исследований, Суворова И.В., старший ветеринарный врач центра "Москвариум", в своём научном докладе подтверждает неблагоприятное влияние транспортировки на общее состояние здоровья и высокий уровень стресса у дельфинов. Мы надеемся, что недавно принятое решение о закрытии всех передвижных дельфинариев в России, вскоре вступит в силу.

The head veterinarian of Russian dolphinarium Moskvarium did a presentation on the bloodwork taken on captive dolphins before and after transporting them between locations. The changes displayed the dolphins' bodies trying to cope with high levels of stress as well as a lowered immune system, putting them at risk for infection and disease. The veterinarian herself voiced that it was very dangerous to the dolphins. The short history of this still very new dolphinarium backs up her claims as just last year 15 dolphins were shipped from Taiji to Moskvarium but only 14 arrived. We're very interested to see if the findings of Moskvarium's head veterinarian will alter the way she handles dolphin captivity and sees the captivity trade in general. Check out more on @dolphin_project_rus@dolphin_project and @keiko_conservation

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