No Fish No Blackfish- It's Now Or Never

The dwindling number of Southern Resident Orcas are being pushed to the very edge of extinction. The main reason for this population decline is the lack of their primary food source, the Chinook Salmon. The lower four snake river dams prevent many of these salmon from swimming up river to spawn. With only 74 orcas remaining to make up pods J, K, and L, and 2 more in critical condition with peanut head and ribs showing, they are running out of time.

We want to stage an international viral protest on October 1st where anyone can participate and demand the Lower 4 Snake River Dams are breached in 2018.

You can participate by lending your voice to the Southern Resident Orcas on Oct. 1st by doing the following things:

*Flood Governor Inslee's office phone line with calls of concern about the future of the southern resident orca population! Ask for the lower four snake rivers dams to be breached IN 2018. Governor Jay Inslee: 1-360-902-4111 (USA Number)

*If you are not in the USA and it would be expensive to call the number, you can also write him at:

OR write him a letter at:

Governor Jay Inslee 416 14th Ave. SW Olympia, WA 98504 USA

*TWEET HIM: @govinslee


*SHARE: Download some of our pre-made posts and captions for your social media accounts or make your own to encourage your friends and followers to do the same. Download at:

You may get a response from Inslee's office saying he doesn't have the power the breach the dams. This is a LIE. Be polite but be firm and tell his office you want the dams breached in 2018.

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