Norway Moves Forward With Dumping Mine Tailings Into Førdefjord and Repparfjord!

Photo: Chiara Salomoni

While Norway shines, and sets good examples in some areas regarding environment, it completely and utterly fails in others. The minister of climate and environment, Ola Elvestuen, had recently stated that Norway will be moving forward with its plans to dump hazardous mine tailings into these two very important fjords. Both of which are homes to numerous marine life species ranging from cetaceans to crustaceans.

Do you live in another country but wish you could help in some way?

Bring awareness to this issue and share this photo with the following tags:

#ReddFjordene #NeiTilGruvedumpingiNorskeFjorder #SaveTheFjords

THEN send a short email to Ola Elvestuen and the Prime minister Erna Solberg with your own message or the following text:


“Dear (Ola or Erna), please keep the Fjords alive. Please stop the planned dumping of mine tailings immediately. Sincerely (your name and your country).”

Email to Ola Elvestuen:

Email to Prime Minister Erna Solberg:

Every share and email are greatly appreciated! The fjords are running out of time!

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