OCEAN ACTION: Dec. 12th- Stop The Sea Lion Cull

Photo: Alex Person via Coextinction Film

This one comes from our partners at PNW Protectors.

Sound on!🔊Friends, today you can save PNW's pinnipeds! On Friday, the Department of Washington Fish & Wildlife will be hosting a meeting proposing a possible pinniped cull in the Salish Sea. There will be several biologists attending this meeting to show scientific data that a cull will not help the severely dwindling salmon numbers but as we have all seen with the Southern Resident Orcas, science has not been enough to sway government officials from their own agendas. With your help however, our public opinion paired with science will be enough to shut down this horrific proposed plan, straight away.

✔️Go to this website Simply state, “I am adamantly against a pinniped cull.”

The public comments will be attached to the summary of Friday’s meeting, so it’s vital we let them know how the public feels about this ridiculous situation. Thank you for being a voice for our pinnipeds.

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