Ocean Action- December 3, 2015: Give Florida's Sharks A Chance

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

We will never stop fighting for the ones we love. Whether people like sharks or not, the entire marine ecosystem will collapse in their absence. And we will follow. Please help us in asking NOAA to make their shark fishing laws stronger and stricter. Shark fishing is not a sport. @noaafisheries and @myfwc have turned their heads while we've watched people like Mark The Shark catch and brutally dismember threatened and endangered species, cut babies out of pregnant tiger sharks, stick a NOAA tag in a nearly dead shark, dump them onto their deck to let them flop themselves overboard, sink to the bottom while bleeding out, and call it #catchandrelease. Stand with us and demand more! Please email and sign the petition and REPOST! Artwork by the extremely talented @sharktopia_cc.

#SOS say no to #sharkfinsoup.

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