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TODAY IS THE DAY! This is Slick a southern resident killer whale and mother orca who just recently lost her little one, Scarlet, who starved to death due to a lack of Salmon in the Salish Sea. This was shortly after we all witnessed the tragedy of Talehquah, another mother, carrying her dead calf for 2 weeks in mourning throughout the salish. The Southern resident orcas are dropping before our eyes one by one because there is not enough food for them to eat. This is 100% OUR fault and they NEED us to make this right. Aside from overfishing ( PLEASE take a break from salmon) the biggest issue is the Obsolete 4 lower snake river dams that are preventing keystone species Chinook salmon (the fish that makes up over 80% of SRKW diet) from spawning. Not only killing the residents but if the dams are not breached this will jeopardize the entire PNW ecosystem. . Please join us for an international protest and final push to get these dams breached and protect the remaining population from starving to death before our eyes. Follow @pnwprotectors @damsense @keiko_conservation to stay informed. Sign the petitions on PNW Protectors website and FLOOD WA governor Jay Inslee with calls and faxes on the 1st. He actually DOES have the power to breach regardless of what his secretary tells you. Stay firm. Lets get this done. And PLEASE share and spread the word! . . GOVERNOR JAY INSLEE Phone | 360 902 4111

Thank you for this stunning photo @hysazu Words from @catorilifejewelry! #nofishnoblackfish #jointhepod#killerwhales #helpus #nowornever #keikoconservation #pnewprotectors #damsense #searchingforchinook #beneaththeblue


Keep the calls coming!!! I just spoke to @govinslee's office and the woman who took the call said "I will add your comment to the many about this". Keep the pressure on!

If you don't know what to say, try: "I want Governor Inslee to order the breaching of the 4 lower Snake River dams to give the endangered southern resident killer whales a chance at survival". 📞📞 Gov. Inslee: 1-360-902-4111 📞📞 #breachthedams #srkw #nofishnoblackfish #nowornever #keikoconservation #pnwprotectors #damsense #searchingforchinook #beneaththeblue

Art and words by @taslishaw

8 steps to save our Southern Resident Orcas. Let’s all make the calls, write the letters, stop eating Chinook salmon and share this with everyone you know! You Make A Difference! .

1. Call and write to Governor Jay Inslee & ask him to breach the lower four snake river dams in 2018 because our southern resident orcas are starving to death. These orcas need salmon now! Extinction is Forever.

Governor Jay Inslee ☎️(360) 902-4111 Address: 416 14th Avenue SW Olympia, Wa. 98504

2. Call the US Army Corps of Engineers and ask them to please supplement the 2002 Environmental Impact Statement immediately using Alternative #4 and breach the lower four snake river dams immediately in 2018!

Us Army Corps of Engineers : Army Corps HQ General Semonite ☎️(202) 761-0000 ☎️(503) 808 3800. 3. Sign the petitions on our website to temporarily halt chinook salmon fishing in Washington. Please sign the petition to breach the lower four snake river dams. 4. Stop buying, ordering or eating Salmon (specifically Chinook/king salmon) in solidarity with the starving Orcas. They are literally starving to death from a lack of Chinook Salmon. 5. Call and write to Kelly Susewind (director of Wildlife & fisheries) and ask him to temporary halt chinook fishing in Washington because The Southern Resident Orcas are starving to death. Kelly Susewind Director of wildlife and fisheries ☎️(360) 902-2200 Address: P.O. Box 43200 Olympia, Washington 98504 6. Call Senator Maria Cantwell Call Senator Patty Murray and ask them to breach the lower four snake river dams immediately to save the starving Southern Resident Orcas. Senator Maria Cantwell ☎️(202)224-3441 Senator Patty Murray ☎️(425)259-6515 7. Call The Department of Fisheries and Oceans DFO & ask them to temporarily suspend Chinook salmon fishing and REMOVE the poisonous salmon farms! ☎️ (604)666-0384 8. Call NOAA Ask them to Temporarily halt Chinook Salmon fishing ☎️(503)231-6266

#NoFishNoBlackfish #FreeTheSnake #nowornever #keikoconservation #pnwprotectors #damsense #searchingforchinook #beneaththeblue

HELP SAVE THE ORCA!!! Join the fight today in a worldwide protest & call to action to help save the SOUTHERN RESIDENT KILLER WHALES!!! . HERE'S WHAT WE ALL NEED TO DO . Call Governor Jay Inslee's office @GovInslee asking to breach the 4 Lower Snake River Dams in 2018! If you can't call, write a letter! Or even better, do both!. .

Governor Jay Inslee 416 14th Avenue SW Olympia, WA 98504 Tel = +1-360-902-4111 USA . Post an image on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or a video or photo of you calling & tag @GovInslee, use the hashtag #NowOrNever, and tag friends to encourage your friends to call, write and share! . DON'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY WHEN YOU CALL? Here are a couple suggestions: . ➡️ "I'm calling in regards to the Southern Resident Killer Whales and the 4 Lower Snake River Dams that's driving them to extinction." ➡️ If they say "This is a federal issue. This isn't Jay Inslee's jurisdiction." You can answer "Jay Inslee has the authority and power to make this a federal issue and we need him to ask for those dams to be breached in 2018." ➡️ Why is it so important this starts in 2018? "If we start breaching the dams in 2018, by 2020 the process will be done and an estimate of 2 million smolts per dam will return." . Let's do this @pnwprotectors @keikoconservation @searchingforchinook @oceanicpreservationsociety @littlegypsyblog and everyone else who is joining us!

Photo and words by @abc4explore #abc4explore

Download Video Here

🔊Sound on!🎶 Join us today! Our Orcas need you! We are staging a viral protest with our amazing partners @keiko_conservation and our dear friends @coextinctinfilm & @searchingforchinook all day, everyone, everywhere on earth 🌏 is invited to this International Protest in a #nowornevereffort save the remaining 74 Southern Resident Orcas from extinction. #nofishnoblackfish #wearetheorca ••• Let’s All call, fax, write or email Washington Governor Jay Inslee and ask him to: “please breach the lower four snake river dams this year in 2018! Our Orcas need Chinook Salmon! Governor Jay Inslee ☎️(360) 902-4111 Fax: (360) 753-4110 e-message: Twitter: Address: 416 14th Avenue SW Olympia, Wa. 98504 ••• Share this on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and ask your friends and family to share! Let’s do this friends! Let’s save our Orcas from extinction! ••• 🎥by @pnwprotectors

Orca hydrophone songs from our friends @searchingforchinook ••• .

#southernresidentorcas #salishsea #srkw #saveourorcas #saveoursalmon #nowornever #eleventhhour #extinctionisforever #nofishnoblackfish #breachthedams #freethesnake #keikoconservation #coextinctionfilm #pnwprotectors #searchingforchinook


El decreciente número de las Orcas Residentes del Sur está siendo empujado al borde de la extinción. La principal razón del decline de la población de esta especie, es la falta de su principal fuente de alimentación, el Salmón Rosado. Las cuatro presas que se encuentren en la parte baja del Río "Snake" previenen que el salmón siga su ciclo natural de subir el río para reproducirse.

Con tan solo 74 ejemplares de Orca, que conforman los subgrupos J, K, y L, and 2 individuos en situaciones críticas, mostrando costillas y "cabeza de maní", nos queda muy poco tiempo.


Puedes participar cediéndole tu voz a las Orcas Residentes del Sur este primero de Octubre con las siguientes acciones: ----Llama al Gobernador Inslee a su oficina al número 1-360-902-4111 y pídele "Please breach the four lower snake river dams in 2018". Están respondiendo a muchas llamadas, asegúrate de especificar "in 2018". ---- Si no estás en EUA y sería caro hacer la llamada, mándale un e-message en: gov-inslee-e-message

Igualmente puedes: -- Mandarle un tweet: @govinslee —Escribirle en su facebook: —Compartir con tus amigos y seguidores, ¡y pedirles que hagan lo mismo! #NoFishNoBlackfish #FreeTheSnake #nowornever #keikoconservation #pnwprotectors #damsense #searchingforchinook #beneaththeblue


Det minskende antallet spekkhoggere langs den amerikansk vestkyst kommer nærmere og nærmere utryddelse. Hovedårsaken til denne nedgangen i populasjonen er mangelen på deres primære matkilde, Chinook Laks. De menneskelaga vanndemningene i området hindrer at laksen svømmer opp i elva for å gyte. Med bare 74 gjenlevende spekkhoggere for å lage gruppene J, K og L, og 2 til i kritisk stand med "peanut head" der blant annet ribbein viser, begynner tiden å gå ifra dem.

Du kan delta ved å låne stemmen din til spekkhoggerne den 1. oktober ved å gjøre følgende:

RING Guvenør Inslee’s kontor tlf: 1-360-902-4111 og be de å senke demningene som heter «the lower four snake river dams» i løpet av 2018. Kontoret hans teller antall personer som ringer, og det er viktig å spesifiser at det må skje i løpet av 2018.

Hvis du ikke bor i USA og det er fort dyrt til å ringe, hjelper det også å sende en emessage:

Send han en tweet! @govinslee

SKRIV PÅ HANS FACEBOOK: - Del med dine venner og følgere og be dem å gjøre det samme!


Le nombre décroissant des orques résidents du Sud est á un point critique d'extinction. La raison principale pour le declin de cette population est le manque de sa source première de nouriture, le saumon Chinook. Les quatre barrages les plus bas de la Snake River empêchent la plupart de ces saumons de remonter la rivière pour se reproduire. Avec seulement 74 orques restant pour former les troupeaux J, K, et L et deux de plus en condition critique avec une "tête de cacahuète" et des côtes apparentes, ils n'ont plus beaucoup de temps.

Vous pouvez participer dans notre support aux orques résidents du Sud le 1er Octobre de la manière suivante:

⁃ appeler le bureau du Gouverneur Inslee au 1 (360) 902-4111 et demander de détruire les quatre barrages les plus bas de la Snake River en 2018. Son bureau comptabilise les appels téléphoniques. Soyez sûr de dire "en 2018!"

⁃ Si vous n'êtes pas aux états unis, vous pouvez aussi lui envoiyer un message à:




サザーン レジデント達は74頭しかいないので、2頭も飢えで苦しんでいます。



・電話(アメリカにいる方): 1-360-902-4111

・メール _________




#NoFishNoBlackfish #FreeTheSnake #シャチ #オルカ

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