Reality TV Show Wants To Kill Hawaii's Tiger Sharks

Apparently a production company called DUO Creative Communications, Inc. has been expressing interesting in creating a Japanese TV Show of their host killing tiger sharks in Hawaii. Tiger sharks numbers in Hawaii have declined drastically in recent years. Our friends at One Ocean Diving are in the water all day every day collecting their data through One Ocean Research and still consider it extremely lucky to come across one. Despite this, it's not illegal to kill sharks in Hawaii, but it is HIGHLY frowned upon from a cultural and enviornmental standpoint. It is considered very offensive to the Hawaiians, who consider them an Aumakua, an ancestor that has come back in another form. Please help us speak up for Hawaii's tiger sharks by sending the production company an e-mail at MEGUMI.DUOCC.COM or calling/texting 1-415-433-1048 (USA Number, please consider possible international charges if in another country). Photo of Ocean Ramsey by Juan Oliphant. #keikoconservation #oneoceandiving#tigershark #hawaiinewsnow.

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