Russian Dolphinariums 101: Sochi "Riviera"

General Info:

Sochi "Riviera" (Дельфинарий "Ривьера") opened September 15, 2012 and is located in Sochi city. They have 7 bottlenose dolphins, 2 belugas, and 1 sea lion. They run Swim With Dolphin programs and, the highly frowned upon, dolphin-assisted-therapy, even with their belugas.

News And Mentionable Incidents:

  • 2015: Became very famous in Russia after starring in a controversial reality tv show "Together With Dolphins" on the country's largest TV channel. The show was a bit like "Dancing With The Stars" meets dolphins, where members of show business temporarily tried to master the task of professional dolphin trainer. Three of the dolphins in this show were from Taiji.

  • 2015: Before the show premiered our friends at Dolphin Project Russia (@dolphin_project_rus at petitioned to stop the show and successfully gained 100,000 signatures. The channel didn't suspend the show but made it shorter by only airing the episodes already filmed, only 4 at that point.

  • The winner of the show interestingly enough has seen the movie The Cove but appeared unaffected by it.

  • Despite this show being considered a scandal, many Russian celebrities continued to support this institution by bringing their children and promoting it on social media. The majority are unaware of where these animals come from or what they go through in a tank.

  • The director of the dolphinarium was criticized for, although saying he tries to provide his animals with the most comfortable conditions, not taking any visible action to stop these performances.

  • 2015: Bottlenose dolphin calf born in captivity.

Any Taiji Affiliation? Yes.

What can you do? Knowledge is power and a lot of people would not be attending and purchasing tickets to these places if they knew what was going behind closed doors. It's our job to reach them. You can help by sharing the video or you own post about Sochi Riviera Aquarium via social media and tagging #дельфинарийсочи (you can copy and paste if you don't have a Russian keyboard).

Other tags you can copy/paste for Riviera so their guests see it are: #дельфинарийсочи #большойсочинскийдельфинарий #дельфинарийривьера #паркривьера #зоопаркрио #сочи #вместесдельфинами #шоувместесдельфинами #шоудельфинов

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