Say No To More Dairy Pollution And Cruelty In Hawaii

We strongly oppose SCR118. Not only is the dairy industry incredibly cruel but it heavily contributes to both air and water pollution. Cattle naturally produce methane, which has a warming effect on the planet that’s 20 times greater than carbon dioxide, causing animal agriculture to have a larger effect on global warming than the transportation industry.

This is also a poor investment for Hawaii to make economically. Some of the largest dairy companies are investing tens of millions of dollars in dairy-free alternatives due to an increase in demand for dairy-free products. Even Forbes has reported multiple times over the last few years that this trend is anticipated to rise. It would be unwise to put time and resources into this industry while some of its top contributing companies are already predicting its eventual demise.

Please submit testimony in opposition to SCR118 by either:

-going to the Capitol website to make an account and "Submit Testimony" directly


-e-mailing with the subject line "Testimony In Opposition To SCR118."

Thank you!

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