Sea Life Park Deaths: And Mikioi Makes 139

The most recent dolphin to have died at Sea Life Park is Mikioi, who you may remember us posting about a little while back discussing former trainers' accusations of abuse and starvation from the (then) animal curator (Marlee Breese, now animal curator at University Of Hawaii) towards him during the 90s. He passed in June, but thanks to Trump's attempts to make Freedom Of Information Act requests more difficult, we only recently found out from Ceta Base when they received the updated copy of the Marine Mammal Inventory Report a few weeks ago.

We were heartbroken to hear the news, especially knowing the history of this specific dolphin. He was captured at just 4 years old in 1972 and has been at Sea Life Park ever since. The cause of death was reported as "Heart Disease (Heart Failure Pending Results)" but our partners at Animal Rights Hawaii will be obtaining a copy of the necropsy to be reviewed in case there's anything notable that wasn't included in the Marine Mammal Inventory, which you can see on our website. Mikioi's death makes 139 dolphin and whale deaths at Sea Life Park, yet businesses like Tom Barefoot Tours, Hawaii Discount Roberts Hawaii Hawaii Travel continue to promote it to tourists by providing deals and the park advertisements in This Week Hawaii Kahala Mall Hawaiian Airlines Honolulu Family. If you click on the businesses it will take you to their Facebook pages. There you can ask them to stop promoting Sea Life Park. Don't have Facebook? Click the image below and find out more ways to help.

Mikioi Sea Life Park Hawaii Animal Cruelty

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