#SOSGALAPAGOS Protest In Ecuador

Yesterday we not only made our voices heard, but those of who cannot defend themselves.

Sharks should not only be protected because the Chinese flag vessels are fishing them, but also because we, as a country, are bleeding our oceans dry, depleting a resource that we cannot afford to run out of. Without healthy shark populations there aren't healthy oceans.  There aren't ecosystems that we can depend on for food and tourism. There is not even enough oxygen, as the oceans produce 50% of what we breathe. Let us open our eyes to a reality that we can not deny: the sharks of the world will become extinct in our time if we do not do something soon. It is amazing how in this era humans can exterminate these beautiful, necessary beings that have existed before dinosaurs.

Thanks to @mingasporelmar @resisteyasuni @nakaweproject @rescateanimalec @wildgyeinitiative @fundacionlaiguana @derechoambientalec @yaku_clubdebuceo @sealifediving @escueladeloceano @southamericanino and the rest of the citizens that showed that sharks DO matter.

Photos: Mónica Cabrera, Dani Bermeo, Melanie Zavala, and Ma. Gracia González. #SOSGalapagos #SaveSharks

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