Sustainable Alternatives: Wrapping Paper

Did you know about 227,000 miles worth of wrapping paper gets thrown away over the holidays? That's enough to circle the world 9 times AND the majority of wrapping paper cannot be recycled because it's dyed, laminated, or contains non-paper additives.

Thankfully, a piece of newsprint can be recycled up to 7 times! Its printing requires less energy and uses gentler, soy-based inks. So the awesome people at @wrappily have created awesome prints on recycled newspaper using old newspaper presses! We're also even more stoked on this brand because we found out they are located at our home base of Hawaii, too!

Do you have any sustainable products that you love and think should be featured? Use the hashtag #KeikoSustainableSaturdays and we might feature your favorite products!

Don't worry, these features cannot be bought for advertisements and are found purely by word of mouth and research, assuring we only recommend products we really do love!

Our personal favorite pattern is the Happy Hawaii, because it has waves and whales all over it!

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