Testify Against Kahala Resort's Firework Application

Updated: Dec 31, 2018

Artwork: @kokocousteau

Kahala Resort and Dolphin Quest are at it again! The resort is requesting to have a firework show over their captive dolphins, adding even more stress to the lives they live crammed inside their shallow lagoon. Witnesses of their other firework show a couple weeks ago contacted us saying the dolphins completely "freaked out" once the show started and "looked terrified" but Dolphin Quest still claims the fireworks have absolutely no effect on the animals. Anyone who took out a cell phone during the show to record it was thrown off the property by security although there are no signs prohibiting cameras around the hotel.

We will be testifying against them today at the permit hearing! Feel free to comment below your concerns or thoughts and we will make sure to voice them at the hearing!

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