#JusticeForKina Poster

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High quality print, matte posters in various sizes for your bedroom, future protests, or both!

.: 175 gsm fine art paper
.: Multiple sizes
.: Matte finish
.: Keep primarily indoors, out of the sun to avoid fading but these, of course, can be used in a protest here and there ;)


Join the movement and help support our #JusticeForKina campaign! Did you know that the last cetacean in the US from a Japanese drive fishery (Taiji, The Cove, Iki Island etc.) was illegally moved out of a seapen to SeaLife Park over 2 and a half years ago? And for 13 months she sat in a small concrete tub behind the scenes of the park, all alone, with no shade from the sun, and no stimuli, illegally. This is an animal who in 1987 was herded into a cove with her entire pod, generations of family members, her mother, her siblings, and picked out to be purchased by the U.S. Navy while the rest of her family were deemed "pests" by fishermen and slaughtered. After six months of waiting she was then flown and put to work for six years. She then was transferred to #HawaiiInstituteOfMarineBiology at Coconut Island where this past year she was dubbed too expensive to continue caring for and auctioned off to the highest bidder. SeaLife Park. SeaLife Park is a very run down and corrupt dolphinarium owned by the same company (Palace Entertainment) that owns Miami Seaquarium, home to the infamous Lolita. You can read more about SeaLife Park here. We're demanding her a peaceful retirement. She deserves so much more than the situation she is currently in.

And all profits from these go towards our local campaigning.

The artwork is by the lovely Michelle Fleur!
Michelle is an artist and illustrator living in Perth, Australia. She is inspired by the tumultuous and symbiotic relationship between humans and the natural world. In 2016 she is painting 200 whales to draw attention to successful conservation efforts in relation to the Australian humpback population. The aim of the project is to provide inspiration to fuel further conservation efforts for threatened and endangered marine species. 

Michelle’s work, including the 200 Whales project, can be viewed on her website: michellefleur.com

Instagram: @michellefleurphoto

Facebook: facebook.com/michellefleurartist