Keiko X Garza Honu Awareness Tote

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Collaboration with Garza Photography

Hawaii has recently placed a ban on plastic bags at all retail locations. Certain companies (Walmart, government commissary, Tamuras, Don Quijote, Times Marketplace, Longs Haleiwa, etc...) have avoided compliance by finding a loophole using a THICKER plastic bag. Plastic is NOT biodegradable. In fact, the thicker plastic bags pose a greater threat to local wildlife. The amount of plastics in the ocean is overwhelming. Please help move away from single use plastic by representing KEIKO CONSERVATION//GARZA PHOTOGRAPHY with our new AWARENESS TOTE line. Highly durable material perfect for groceries, every day use, or a getaway at the beach! Leak protective bottom layer. Each bag is associated with a specific awareness campaign currently impacting marine life.