No Fish No Blackfish Kohola Kai Creative Collab Unisex Sweatshirt

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 Artwork by Tracie Sugo of Kohola Kai Creative!

Tracie has spent a good chunk of her life in or near the sea and has a life-long passion for marine wildlife and conservation. She is especially drawn to Orca and has previously worked with for Orca Network to help the Southern Resident Killer Whales. In addition to creating artwork and jewelry on Etsy, she has served as a marine mammal naturalist for the American Cetacean Society and is currently working on accumulating maritime hours for a captain's license.

You can follow Tracie on Instagram here and checkout her Etsy here!

All profits from this sweatshirt go towards The Center For Whale Research, a non-profit organization that has been researching and monitoring the endangered Southern Resident Orca population for over 40 years. Their population falls lower and lower every year because their main source of food, the Chinook Salmon, is itself endangered. It is becoming even more critical and very urgent to protect these orcas from extinction.

You can learn more about the work The Center For Whale Research is doing by clicking here and don’t forget to take part in spreading the news to #SaveTheOrcasDAMit! by clicking here.


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