Sharktopia Collab Hammerhead Shark Finning Tee

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Comes on a unisex jersey tee.

Sharktopia is the ever-growing and evolving world of artist Caitlin Cove. Spreading awareness through art and education while supporting conservation efforts to change the misconception of sharks world wide.

Spread the word with your clothing. Keiko will be sharing 50% of proceeds  towards anti-shark finning efforts made by Wild Aid and the rest will go towards our shark conservation efforts with Water Inspired and One Ocean Diving at our home base in Hawaii. You can read more about them below or by visiting here to see their exact efforts over the years!

"To measurably raise awareness and concern about the impact of the consumption of shark fin soup on shark populations and marine biodiversity, we work with media network partners in China to broadcast our Say No to Shark campaign messages via TV and other media outlets, including video boards in subway and train stations, airports, and university campuses. We have produced many high quality TV PSAs on shark fin for China with our celebrity ambassadors Yao Ming and others, including prominent Chinese CEOs. Our latest campaign features several new PSAs including sports icon David Beckham, actor and director Jiang Wen, and actress Maggie Q.

Our campaigns, in combination with government bans at official events, have contributed to a reported 50%-70% decrease in China’s shark fin consumption.

In the upcoming year we will continue our work with governments in consuming nations, increase our restaurant and hotel partnerships, recruit more ambassadors for additional media outreach, and much more."