Pacífico Libre is made up of 14 environmental organizations which quickly came together to combat an urgent issue in Ecuador, the illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing in its waters.

Thousands of Ecuadorians have become overwhelmed and dishonored since the detainment of an illegal Chinese fishing vessel that was caught with over 300 tons of fragile marine species outside Ecuador´s Enchanted Islands and UNESCO's World Natural Heritage Site, the Galapagos Islands. Threatened species such as hammerhead, silky, thresher, and mako sharks filling their cargo holds, along with other targeted marine life. Overfishing will negatively impact our home and we demand that it comes to an end.


More than 100 fishing boats have been identified in just the southern part of the Galapagos and there are estimated to be many, many more. Despite the slight increase in monitoring, we stand firmly against our national marine resources being used to supply the demands of illegal fisheries.

It is time to speak out and deal with this devastating practice. We need to be heard internationally in order to defend our natural heritage and this amazing planet.

Our mission is to achieve strict monitoring and regulation of fishing in the Galapagos marine reserve, proper investigation and enforcement towards offenders, and a strengthening of the Ecuadorian Navy to control these protocols.

We also demand that decree 902, which allows the commercialization of shark fins acquired via bycatch, be revised, as it acts as a legal loophole for targeted shark finning and does not consider catch quotas or protected species.

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